Treatment options

Your dental care

Our preventative dental care is designed to make sure your teeth stay healthy. We recommend you to drop by for a check-up every six months. In this way – and by following our tips for essential daily oral care – you’ll have the biggest chance of keeping your teeth in tip-top shape. 

If we see any possible dental health issues, we will discuss these with you, as well as treatment options. 

The dentist will also inform you on: 

  • to be expected results 
  • possible risks of a treatment 
  • number of treatments required 
  • length of treatment and planning

Find detailed information on dental treatments on (Dutch language only). Common dental procedures – such as cleaning or filling procedures – are carried out by us as soon as they are required. For more specialist procedures, we will gladly inform you on the treatment itself and related costs. We will commence treatment only after your prior approval. 

Should you require specialist treatment – from an orthodontist, oral surgeon or implantologist –  we will help you find the right expert. 

Our focus is on healthy teeth and gums for life for all our patients. Our preventative dental care is designed to make sure your teeth stay healthy and to help you avoid gum disease. Our oral hygienists can advise you on how best to brush your teeth, the use of dental floss, tooth picks or interdental brushes. Be sure to drop by for a check-up twice a year, to ensure maximum dental health. is a Dutch language site where you can find loads of practical tips on how to best care for your teeth. 

Excellent care and best-quality treatments are our prime focus. To be able to offer these, we have in place guidelines and procedures that fully comply with the recommendations of the Dutch dental association. We also have in place a complaints handling procedure. 

We aim to keep the quality of our services up to standard. We encourage all our employees to:

  • read professional publications 
  • do refresher courses or follow additional training 
  • attend peer consultations 
  • attend study groups 
  • act in accordance with new guidelines, codes of conduct or practical guides 
  • attend theme projects 
  • attend clinical meet-ups 

We appreciate your opinion. If you have any suggestions for ways in which we can improve our services, we would like to hear from you. In this way, we can ensure that we continue to deliver the highest level dental care. Mail us at:

For some, a visit to the dentist can be stressful. If you’re afraid and putting off your appointments, don’t worry! You’re not alone. We know how stressful a visit can be. That’s why our team is trained in easing your nerves and helping you realize that we’re here to help you, not hurt you. Make sure to let us know that you are anxious when you make an appointment. In this way, we can discuss your anxiety with you and take measures to help lessen or even overcome it. 

Preventing anxiety is better than remedying it. It’s why we advise you to bring your children along with you when you next visit us. Even if they’re too young to need treatment. It helps them get familiar with our practice, a tipping chair and our tools.