House rules

Our house rules 

Welcome to PC2-tandartsen. We aim to provide you with the best dental service. In order to optimize our service offering, we’ve compiled a number of house rules. We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with these, so that you know what you can expect from us and what we require from you to help us maintain your dental health.

Treatments take place by appointment only. You can also contact us for an appointment if you need a second opinion.

We send appointment reminders to our patients by email. This is an extra service offered by us, no rights can be derived from it. In the unlikely event that you do not receive such a reminder, this does not mean that your appointment has been cancelled. At all times, you are solely responsible for showing up at any appointment made by you.  

If you show up late for your appointment, we have the right to cancel your appointment, if there is insufficient time left to complete your appointment and/or treatment.

If you are unable to meet an appointment, please notify us no later than 24 hours (one working day) in advance. In this way, we can plan an appointment for another patient. Failure to cancel your  appointment, or do so on time, may result in you being charged for the time reserved. In such a case, we will charge the amount of the intended treatment, within reasonableness. In the event of repeated no shows, we reserve the right to no longer treat you. 

Should your personal details change in any way, we kindly ask you to inform us at your earliest convenience. In this way, we can ensure you continue to get the best dental services. Such information can include: a new telephone number, e-mail address, home address or changes in your general health.

When you first visit us, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding your health and use of medications. To safeguard your health, it is important that you fill this out fully and truthfully. We urge you to notify us soonest of any changes in your health and/or medications. 

We kindly ask you to take care of your own property. We are not liable for any damage, theft or loss of your property. We advise you not to leave your belongings unattended and to take your coat and bag into the treatment room. The use of the coat rack is at your own risk.

We kindly request you to pay amounts under €150 directly in cash or using PIN at the reception desk. We do not send invoices directly to your healthcare insurer. If required, you can submit such invoices yourself. Unpaid invoices will be handed over to a debt collector. This usually involves high costs for the debtor. All treatments are subject to the payment conditions as set out by the KNMT. Find full payment conditions here.

At your request, the payment conditions can also be sent to you free of charge.
For planned treatments above €250 we will send you a cost estimate. Any appointment made on the basis of that cost estimate entails your consent to said cost estimate.

Smoking is not permitted in our premises. Please note, that pets are not allowed in the practice. We kindly request you not to use your telephone when visiting our practice. 

We are bound by professional confidentiality. This means that we may not disclose information about you to any person or organizations not involved in your dental treatment. All data necessary for the treatment of a patient are recorded and stored in accordance with the European Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. We are not associated with the National Electronic Patient Record. Access by third parties not involved in your dental treatment, always requires your written permission. Exceptions to this are healthcare insurers. Since July 2010, they may access your details without your permission.

We would also like to refer you to the Privacy Statement on this website.

We welcome any suggestions, ideas or feedback you might have for us. Mail us at: